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All the pulp of 1.5kg of tomatoes, in the 700g bottle, without seeds.
Monovariety of whole pulp tomatoes, harvested by hand and transformed on the same day of the harvest to maintain the freshness of the tomato with a sweet and full taste. Without additives. 100% tomato.
The production method of the San Cesareo company gives the tomato puree a high concentration, therefore the final product has a low water content and a high energy content.

Cherry tomatoes are grown directly on company land, on the fertile hills of Fano (PU) in the Marche region.

Single-variety tomato puree, prismatic type with pulp.

  • Ingredients: 100% Tomatoes – Product without preservatives
  • Pasteurized product – Without salt – Processed with medium grain.
  • Our advice: Also suitable for long cooking, at high oven temperatures, is ideal for dishes of meat, fish, vegetables, and legumes. Great for Ragu.
  • Packaging: 500ml and 700ml

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