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We make good things without additives or preservatives

We work the land and reap its fruits. We cultivate in our fields. We transform tomatoes, fruit and vegetables directly in our laboratory, without the use of additives and preservatives. How it used to be!

Dal 1987


The company is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of organic vegetables and their transformation. The main activity is the cultivation and transformation of organic tomatoes. Tomato varieties have been selected with particularly valuable organoleptic properties which are transformed into high-quality preserves and ready-made sauces. During the non-productive periods of the tomato, the company focuses on the production of jams and compotes. We currently have 15 types of products online: purées, ready-made sauces, derived from tomato processing and 30 types of jams and compotes, derived from fruit and vegetable processing. Sales take place through a network of specialized shops and, directly, in the company sales point. Resellers and specialized shops are located within a 100km radius of the operational headquarters in Fano, in the Marche, Umbria and Emilia Romagna regions. Other trusted shops in Rome, Turin, Naples, Bologna and Treviso. Collaborations and sales are active in England, Switzerland, and Germany.

Biological agriculture

Our fields are cultivated following the dictates of organic farming. Modernity must not be rejected or arrested, but governed. A modernity that focuses on respect for the environment and a future.

Quality and not quantity

We take the right from the earth without ever plundering it. We collect the naturally ripened products, without ever forcing the seasonal cycles, for this reason our productions are limited and of high quality.

Healthy transformation

We do not use thickeners, preservatives, or chemical additives of any kind. The flavors of our products are genuine like they used to be. Whoever brings San Cesareo to the table savors well-being.


Your Favorite Natural Products

Our history

The San Cesareo farm as it is today was born in 2014, the result of the enthusiasm that the two founders, Michele and Sabina, transformed into a project, despite coming from very different work experiences:

Michele, architect and freelancer

I studied at the Turin Polytechnic, graduating in architecture, a profession that I still do today. My parents were farmers and they passed on their knowledge and respect for the land to me.

Sabina, imprenditrice agricola con studi tecnici.

I graduated as an accountant and undertook engineering studies, I then had various work experiences in the administrative field. As early as 1935 my great-grandfather, Nazzareno Pesci took care of the lands of San Cesareo di Fano as a sharecropper of Count Bracci Pagani, lands subsequently purchased and now cultivated by the company.


Our project takes the form of: A 12-hectare company with a transformation laboratory, in the hills of San Cesareo in the municipality of Fano, in the province of Pesaro Urbino.

For years we have been cultivating our land with a passion for the production and transformation of organic vegetables: the productive heart of our cultivation is the tomato.

We cultivate with controlled and certified organic methods.

Our products are harvested by hand and transformed, almost instantly in our laboratory, into food preparations: purées, gravies, sauces, and compotes. Reviving the value of food, recognizing and restoring dignity to food can and must be done. Producing well allows the community to live well. Our work in the Marche countryside moves towards a new rurality: modernity should not be rejected or arrested, but governed. A modernity that focuses on respect for the environment and a worthy future for all. Today we live in the presumption of being able to control the land that hosts us and never like today we find ourselves staggering in a sea of uncertainties. This moment has strengthened the principles that support our company, favoring biodiverse regenerative practices that take resources from the soil without plundering it.

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